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Miguel Mattox

I started thinking about triathlons in January of 2018. Since then, I’ve not only grown into the top 1% of the sport, but rapidly exceeded my expectations of knowledge and dedication for a brand new set of disciplines. The challenges I thought I’d face with a remote coach are non-existent with Conrad, who works tirelessly to enable me to be at my physical and psychological best every day. I’m ready to conquer 2019 as a Working Triathlete.

Notable Results:

1st AG NYC Triathlon

1st OA Westchester Triathlon

Jason Roanhouse Hawaii 70.3.jpeg

Jason Roanhouse

After running several marathons and half-marathons, I decided to take the plunge (literally) into the world of triathlon. As primarily a runner, using cycling as a tool for reducing injury and cross training, it became quickly apparent that swimming would be my primary challenge. Conrad has helped me, in the course of one year, transform from a non-swimmer into the finisher of a number of triathlons of increasing distance, including the Hawaii 70.3 in June ‘18! In addition, we have increased my cycling power and improved my overall fitness tremendously! It’s been a performance enhancing athlete-coach relationship without a doubt! All this with a keen eye on the importance of family and professional obligations.

Notable Results:

Multiple AG wins and podiums

CS Working Triathlete (2).jpg

Chris Sundby

In the midst of obtaining a dual JD and PHD in neuroscience from Vanderbilt, Chris successfully trained for and completed his first Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman triathlons in the span of five months. Plus, in the lead up to Ironman Arizona, he raised money for Smile team EMPOWER, proving that it’s possible to make a positive impact, have a busy life, inspire and do well in triathlons.

Notable Results:

Ironman AZ finisher