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The Working Triathlete

Available in PDF, Kindle and Paperback

You can be fast and have a life!

Those who learn how to balance training with other goals and responsibilities tend to live more fulfilling lives. Most triathletes are full-time working professionals who have aspirations in the workplace, at home and on the course.  Ultimately, we are all striving to be well-rounded individuals; but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice speed!  If you learn to train with brutal efficiency, you can have children who know your name AND an obnoxious wall lined with race medals. 

A divorce is not a prerequisite to qualifying for Kona.

The Working Triathlete E-Book was written for busy people who want to dominate in life and athletics. Learn how to cut out the fluff and wring every drop of potential from your body in the time you have available to train.  With a focus on how to maximize your performance in fewer hours, The Working Triathlete is chock full of principles, tips and hacks to help you approach your genetic potential in triathlon without sacrificing other areas of your life.

Includes a 12-week General Prep and Half Iron Specific Plan.