The truth is, most triathletes are working professionals with careers, families and other obligations.  We wear many hats (and helmets and swim caps) so it's important to strive for balance.  Based out of Nashville, TN, Working Triathlete is a resource to help you maximize your training time so that you can devote appropriate energy to all areas of your life--giving you the tools to conquer the competition and the conference room. 

Looking for a Nashville triathlon coach?  do you live somewhere else?

Working Triathlete coached athletes live all over the planet (literally).  Whether you live in Nashville, TN (Working Triathlete's home base) or on the other side of the world, we can connect with you to make you faster.



Find out more about the purpose and people behind Working Triathlete.

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Get faster

Ready to get faster?  Whether you want to finish your first sprint triathlon or break 9 hours in an Ironman, take advantage of the resources Working Triathlete offers.

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IN Nashville? JOin us for a weekly brick workout

Working Triathlete partners with Milestone Racing to lead free coached Brick sessions with the East Nashville Triathlon Club every Tuesday morning at 6 AM at Cornelia Airpark in Nashville, TN.  All are welcome!  Meet Ironman Certified Coach Conrad Goeringer (of Working Triathlete) and take part in a great run-bike session in a beautiful setting that is completely closed to traffic.  LEARN MORE