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Interested in getting coached?

If you are serious about getting faster, working with a WT coach may be just what you need.  No matter your experience level or goals, you will receive individualized attention, personal training plans tailored to fit your lifestyle and open access to  a veteran coach who is passionate about making YOU faster. 

How it works

We get to know each other 

In an initial consultation, we discuss your background, experience, lifestyle and goals. I get to know you and you get to know me so that we make sure that Working Triathlete Coaching is a good fit for you.

We Strategize

After discussing your goals, we determine what we need to do to reach them.  Specifically, we develop a plan for the coming training cycle that will fit your lifestyle and maximize performance for specific races.

We get scientific with training

We determine your fitness (intensity zones, strengths, weaknesses, etc.) so that you get a periodized, targeted and efficient training schedule. Training plans are delivered via TrainingPeaks in 1-3 week increments.  This ensures that the plan addresses your evolving fitness  and is perpetually molded to  fit into your life.   

We work together to ensure your training and racing is maximized

Sometimes the little things make the biggest differences, so we work together to make sure every detail of training and racing is covered.  From equipment recommendations, development of a nutrition plan all the way through race strategy and recovery, a coach will be there to help you every step of the way.

What's the next step?

If you are interested in joining the Working Triathlete community as a coached athlete, fill out the below questionnaire so that we can learn more about you, your goals, background and priorities. After you submit the questionnaire, we will contact you to discuss your goals in greater detail and for you to learn more about the Working Triathlete coaching process.  We offer three main coaching packages described below.  Additional tailored services are offered on a case-by-case basis.

The Standard Coaching Package

$289 per month

  • Free initial consultation

  • Goal setting

  • Access to coached athlete training content

  • Personalized Training Plan delivered via TrainingPeaks

  • Monthly progress meetings in-person or via Skype/phone with Coach Goeringer

  • Unlimited questions via TrainingPeaks, email or phone

  • Unlimited workout revisions/adjustments

  • Race strategy, equipment selection and general advisement

  • Discounts on ad-hoc sessions (swim form analysis, one-on-one training sessions, etc.)

  • Working Triathlete swag (hat/visor, water bottle)

Training Plan Only

$125 per Month (3-month block Minimum)

  • Free initial consultation to discuss background, target races, goals, etc.

  • Personalized training plan tailored to your fitness level, life schedule and goals.

  • Discounts on ad-hoc sessions (swim form analysis, one-on-one training sessions, etc.)

One-On-One Sessions and Consulting

$75 per hour

  • General strategy and advice

  • Individual, in-person workouts and field tests

  • Form analysis (run, bike, swim)

  • In person field tests (threshold)

  • Goal setting and race selection

In Nashville?  Considering hiring a Nashville Triathlon Coach?  Come to a weekly free brick workout!


  • Join Working Triathlete every Tuesday morning at 6AM at Cornelia Airpark for a free coached brick session (Season April through September).

  • Workouts are led by Conrad Goeringer (of Working Triathlete) and Derek Stone of Milestone Racing in partnership with East Nashville Triathlon Club.

  • This is a great opportunity to meet other triathletes, get in a great workout, and if you are considering a coach, to learn more.


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